“If you work for a company, if you own a company, if you design within the commercial interior space, if you help individuals find space, then this is a podcast for you.”

In the ever-evolving landscape of work, where flexibility and culture intertwine, a new podcast is making waves.

Tim Carroll, Chief Operating Officer of Working Spaces, hosts “Culture at Work,” offering a unique perspective on building and maintaining robust corporate cultures during these transformative times.

We sat down with Tim to unravel the inspiration behind the podcast and gain insights into what listeners can expect.

Genesis of “Culture at Work”

“Culture at Work” offers a unique auditory experience for those seeking continuous learning and professional development.

“We want to help our partners align with their cultural aspirations, to create spaces where individuals truly belong.” Tim emphasizes the importance of staying on top of cultural and workplace trends, positioning the podcast as a natural extension of their role as culture architects.

While the decision to launch is easy, Tim admits that making it work is a challenge, given his newness to podcasting.

“Working Spaces is poised for a technology-driven future, with the promise of innovations that will amplify our clients’ success within their industries,” he says.

Targeting a Diverse Audience

The “Culture at Work” podcast isn’t just for industry insiders.

“If you work for a company, if you own a company, if you design within the commercial interior space, if you help individuals find space, then this is a podcast for you.”

Future Topics and Diverse Themes

As the first season of “Culture at Work” unfolds, you can expect a diverse range of topics.

Tim elaborates on plans to delve into recruiting dynamics, examining what individuals seek when making career moves. From the challenges of bringing people back to the office to building a culture at home, the podcast aims to provide practical insights applicable to various aspects of work and life.

Furthermore, upcoming episodes will explore the influence of AI in shaping workplace culture, a hot topic in both the world of employment and leadership.

Creating a Workplace Community

Curious about the advantages of tuning in? Tim believes the podcast caters to those seeking insights into creating a workplace community. Whether you’re an employee, an employer, or involved in commercial interior design, the podcast presents valuable takeaways.

The goal is to explore how the space you work in can positively impact your sense of belonging, productivity, and overall satisfaction.

Exclusive Interviews with Industry Thought Leaders

“Culture at Work” is not just about monologues; it’s about dialogues with industry thought leaders. Tim highlights an episode where Doug Ryan, Principal and Executive Vice President of Colliers in Nashville, discusses the transformation of Nashville’s real estate market and its impact on the city’s culture.

The podcast’s scope extends beyond geography, with plans to interview thought leaders from diverse markets, gaining perspectives on the nuances of workplace culture.

A Must-Listen for All Things Culture

In the era of remote work and cultural evolution, “Culture at Work” emerges as a beacon of insights, offering a reflective and inclusive space for everyone involved in the world of work.

As Tim Carroll navigates the mic, each episode promises to unlock the secrets of building thriving workplace cultures. Get ready to tune in, learn, and be inspired by the stories, experiences, and expertise shared on “Culture at Work.” The mic is live, and the culture conversation is just getting started.

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