Mar 18, 2024

Episode 7

The Ripple Effect: Building Culture and Connection at Work

In this episode of “Culture at Work” Tim Carroll and the inspiring Chester Elton, uncover the secrets to creating a vibrant, ‘all in’ workplace culture. This episode is a treasure trove of insights on the monumental impact of gratitude, recognition, and genuine connection in elevating team spirit and driving exceptional results.
Episode 1 - Culture at Work - Hybrid Work Realities: Crafting Culture in A New Era
Culture at Work


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Tim Carroll, COO

Working Spaces


Chester Elton - Author, Executive Coach, and Speaker

Chester Elton

Author, Executive Coach and Speaker


In an engaging episode of “Culture at Work,” host Tim Carroll sits down with organizational culture expert Chester Elton to explore the transformative impact of an ‘all in’ culture and the power of leading with gratitude in the workplace. They delve into how a positive, inclusive environment where contributions are recognized can drive business success and employee satisfaction.

Elton shares actionable strategies for cultivating a culture where employees feel valued and connected, emphasizing the importance of gratitude in leadership. He provides insights into maintaining team cohesion in a remote work environment, highlighting the significance of personal connections and regular recognition of individual achievements.

The conversation also covers the integration of company values with recognition practices, showcasing how this alignment reinforces a positive workplace culture. Elton’s personal anecdotes and practical tips offer listeners a roadmap for fostering an environment of appreciation that extends beyond professional boundaries into personal growth and well-being.

Listeners will leave this episode inspired to implement gratitude and recognition in their leadership practices, creating a workplace where everyone feels empowered to contribute their best. This insightful discussion serves as a call to action for leaders to cultivate an ‘all in’ culture that champions success and values at every level.


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