In the world of office design, creating spaces that inspire creativity, enhance productivity, and foster collaboration is both an art and a science. Susan Brandt, a seasoned professional with a passion for crafting exceptional work environments, stands at the forefront of this dynamic field.

With an extensive background in interior design and project management, she brings a wealth of expertise to the team at Working Spaces.

Latest Office Design Trends: Insights from Susan’s Experience

Susan’s journey into the realm of office design began with a belief that environments significantly impact behaviors and attitudes. Her motto, “Some people look for a beautiful place and others make a place beautiful,” underlines her philosophy.

Drawing from her educational background in Environmental Design with an emphasis on interior design, she embarked on a career dedicated to creating spaces that go beyond aesthetics.

From Kansas City to Columbia, Susan’s career path led her through diverse experiences, including managing construction projects and handling furniture specifications for a hospital center. In 2015, she joined Working Spaces, where she serves as a market leader, driving business development and community engagement.

Her involvement in local chambers, healthcare initiatives, and rotary clubs exemplifies her commitment to community growth and networking.

Local Market Trends in Columbia: Influencing Office Design Choices

Understanding local market trends is essential in crafting meaningful office spaces. In Columbia, Susan’s insights into these trends have proven invaluable.

The concept of “boutique style healthcare” resonates deeply with her – a transformation from sterile hospital rooms to healing environments reminiscent of spa-like sanctuaries. This approach speaks volumes about her dedication to improving outcomes for patients, visitors, and staff alike.

Overcoming Challenges for Exceptional Office Design Solutions

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the landscape of office design has evolved dramatically. Susan embraces this change as an opportunity to innovate.

The challenge lies in creating spaces that inspire employees to return to the office – a place they once longed to escape.

With this in mind, Susan and her team have reimagined workspaces. They’ve introduced collaborative lounge areas, flexible pop-in pods, and stand-up meeting spaces, reflecting the growing need for adaptable, inspiring environments.

Recent Projects: Transforming Workspaces with Working Spaces

One standout example of Susan’s dedication to her craft is the transformation of Boone Electric’s workspace. This project exemplifies Working Spaces’ approach – a community-driven philosophy that extends beyond the office walls.

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The redesign of conference spaces and community areas has not only enhanced employee experiences but also offered public spaces for various gatherings.

Future of Office Design: Susan’s Vision and Ideas

As the industry continues to evolve, Susan’s vision for the future of office design remains forward-thinking. She envisions workspaces that facilitate collaboration, embrace flexibility, and prioritize employee well-being.

Beyond merely providing furniture, her focus is on creating environments that cultivate positive outcomes, encouraging people to return to spaces that inspire and motivate.

Susan’s journey through the world of office design is a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence. Her expertise, community engagement, and visionary approach define her role as a market leader at Working Spaces. From understanding local trends to crafting innovative solutions, Susan’s influence is felt in every aspect of creating inspiring work environments.

To learn more about the innovative changes taking place in Columbia (and beyond), contact the team at Working Spaces today.