Sep 18, 2023

Episode 1

Hybrid Work Realities: Crafting Culture in a New Era

Welcome to “Culture at Work”. Today, we dive into the dynamics of the hybrid work model. We dissect the impact of remote and in-office setups on corporate culture, discussing the importance of personal connections, mentorship, and the role of physical spaces. Join us as we explore how to strike the right balance between flexibility and a thriving workplace culture.
Episode 1 - Culture at Work - Hybrid Work Realities: Crafting Culture in A New Era
Culture at Work


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Tim Carroll, COO

Working Spaces


Travis Harter, Market Leader Nashville

Travis Harter

Market Leader Nashville
Working Spaces


In the podcast episode “Hybrid Work Realities: Crafting Culture in a New Era,” hosts Tim Carroll and Travis Harder discuss the intricacies of corporate culture in remote and hybrid work settings. They explore how factors like design, management, and real estate shape culture and stress the impact of employee interactions. Tim and Travis are experienced “culture architects,” who delve into the challenges and benefits of remote work, including its impact on mentorship, collaboration, and engagement. They also examine the hybrid work model and highlight the value of physical office spaces in fostering culture and providing workspace flexibility. The episode concludes by emphasizing the enduring importance of office spaces for maintaining a strong corporate culture. Join them in their ongoing exploration of workplace culture in the “Culture at Work” podcast series.

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