Boys and Girls Club is an organization dedicated to helping young people grow to see their full potential. With a large assortment of clubs, athletic and art programs, there are many opportunities for new knowledge and inspiration.

Jordy Carter worked closely with the architect, Noel Griffith Jr. & Associates, and the end user to find the perfect furniture solutions for the space.

The team’s focus was on furniture that held up and appealed to the young people that would be there utilizing the space.

Bright colors, intriguing shapes, and durable products were used including the Feek product from Trendway. It is a foam based product and its fun bright colors, durability, and intention for high use environments, made it perfect for the Boys and Girls Club. Other products, like the Kimball Office Dwell, created comfortable spaces for kids to curl up to read a book or play a game.

The expansion included a gymnasium, art room, staff offices, a library, meeting rooms and general gathering spaces.