2023 Annual Review of Working Spaces Projects and Plans for the Next Year - An Interview with Tim Carroll

As we approach the end of 2023, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the achievements and milestones of Working Spaces, a leading player in the field of modern office interior design.

In an exclusive interview with Tim Carroll, the Chief Operating Officer of Working Spaces, we delved into the highlights of the year, showcasing completed projects and providing a glimpse into the exciting plans for the upcoming year.

Completed Triumphs: Major League Spaces and Artistic Walls

One of the standout projects of the year was Working Spaces’ contribution to bringing Major League Soccer to St. Louis.

This involved crafting the corporate offices for St. Louis City, marking a significant milestone for our organization. Additionally, the relocation of Rawlings, known for its production of baseball bats and gloves, turned to Working Spaces to design and create a stunning new workspace.

The completion of these projects not only demonstrates the company’s prowess in modern office interior design but also solidifies our presence in the sports industry.

On the artistic front, Working Spaces embarked on an ambitious venture to create a rehearsal space for large acts in St. Louis, aptly named Gateway Studios.

“The Gateway project involves the design of breathtaking walls in Chesterfield,” says Mr. Carroll. “We believe it’s a promise to become a remarkable addition to the city’s cultural landscape.”

Expanding Horizons: From Nashville to Orlando

Not only is Working Spaces experiencing growth in sports arenas, not only in St. Louis but also in Nashville and Orlando.

Our collaboration with national creditors hints at the expansion of our footprint in this vertical.

With recent projects like the F&M Bank Arena just outside Nashville, Working Spaces is making significant strides in becoming a key player in the intersection of sports and modern office interior design.

Looking Ahead: Creating Spaces to Belong

As Working Spaces enters its 25th year in 2024, Mr. Carroll reveals some of the company’s biggest organizational goals.

“The overarching theme revolves around “creating spaces to belong,” Mr. Carroll says, emphasizing the importance of fostering a sense of community within workplaces.

“Our focus on aligning with partners and leveraging technology shows our commitment to enhancing both internal and external environments. It’s all about providing spaces that go beyond functionality to resonate with the individuals who work, learn, or play in those spaces,” he says.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Workspaces

Looking forward to 2024, Working Spaces invites everyone to be part of the journey in creating engaging and inclusive workspaces. Our visitation to bridge technology and the theme of “creating spaces to belong” sets the stage for an exciting future.

Experience the future of workspaces with Working Spaces. Be part of our commitment to creating spaces that inspire and belong. Explore our innovative designs and join us in shaping the future of engaged workplaces.