The Most Important Thing an Office Can Offer

by | Aug 15, 2022 | Working Spaces

The Most Important Thing an Office Can Offer

In today’s ever-changing world, office spaces must also constantly adapt to provide employees with a comfortable space where they feel inspired, included and productive. We’ve watched offices transform over the years from jam-packed cubicles to open spaces and, most recently, setups so that employees may work from home. Though no matter how often offices may change, the objective remains the same – provide employees with a space they feel energized and excited to attend every day, an area that makes them want to go to work. So, what is the most important thing an office can offer its employees to make that happen? We spoke with Working Spaces Orlando Market Leader Brittany Gruber to find out.

The first thing to note is that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach when designing an office space. “Every company is so vastly different,” explains Gruber. “So, when it comes to the most important thing an office can offer, it all comes down to balance. Finding a balance between collaboration spaces and quiet rooms, understanding each space’s objective and finding the perfect balance to make that space come to life.”

Gruber explains that this balance will look different for every office, and part of Working Spaces’ job is to unravel what that balance is. “Our team knows how to work with clients to get to the bottom of their company’s goal,” she says. “We need to know what they are doing currently, what’s working, what isn’t, and what their aspirational company culture is. Then, we help them define the space to achieve it. For example, one office may be looking to balance camaraderie, focused space and innovation throughout their work environment, while another may desire a 50/50 split of collaborative and focused space. It would be too easy if it were one size fits all, but that’s the joy of this work!”

Gruber goes on to explain how finding that perfect balance can help ensure that most employees enjoy the space. “Not everyone can get what they want, so when you strive for balance, the goal is to create a space that works for most.” Gruber continues, “So, how do we incorporate the minority into the majority space and ensure that minority feels seen, essential and valued? We add certain spaces that are easily modified for various needs! For example, incorporating a ‘Relaxation Room’ at the office will speak to employees differently. Such as a new mom who needs a comfortable space to nurse or an employee who needs 20 minutes of downtime away from their desk, you’re now offering everything they need in one area through proper balance.” Once this balance is achieved, Gruber believes the end goal has been completed, creating an environment where employees want to be because they gain so much from being there. “Each office should offer employees everything they need to feel inspired, taken care of and help them get to the next level,” says Gruber. “Those are the spaces we create.”

However, this perfect balance is created through much more than office design. According to Gruber, company culture plays a significant role. “Company culture cannot be manufactured,” she explains. “Employees have control of the culture just as much as the physical space. While I don’t believe you can entice everyone through company culture; still, it’s essential to create an inclusive culture that works alongside the space where everybody feels like they are a part of the greater picture.”

All in all, the most important thing an office can offer its employees is a space that excites them to come to work. Crafting this space by finding the perfect balance will encourage employees to collaborate with their coworkers, feel inspired by their leadership and be encouraged to go to the office every day. “Find that balance, and your employees will have everything they need,” says Gruber. If you’re ready to offer your employees everything they need, contact us today to get started!