The Future of Nashville Office Design

The Future of Nashville Office Design

It’s no secret that the city of Nashville is famous for its musical roots, but in recent years the city has been transforming. Entertainment services, ethical brands, design firms and the emerging health care industry are molding their reputations, shifting this hometown-inspired metropolitan into a rapidly developing tech-hub. The ever-changing city provides a unique perspective for the future of office design. So, how does Working Spaces help shape that vision?


According to Working Spaces’ Nashville Designer Samantha Burden, the future of office space is anchored on flexibility. Whether that means fully returning to the office for those who want to or offering a hybrid workweek for all employees, it’s essential to create spaces that are not just useful but interchangeable. “We want to create spaces that encourage people to return to the office and enjoy a space designed for the ever-changing world.” Burden continues, “Each space should be designed with intention; a space that welcomes co-working and networking while also being flexible with our day-to-day.” For example, maybe a company is practicing a hybrid workweek, so there’s no need for each employee to have an individual workstation, or you may decide that a designated conference room is unnecessary. So, by implementing co-working spaces interchangeable between group meetings and private workstations, each area is used to its highest potential. In addition, ensuring that you are flexible with the overall design is equally important. “Not everyone wants to work from a bean bag chair, right?” laughs Burden. “So, you have to be flexible with your design to provide a space where everyone will feel comfortable, productive and inspired to reach their goals.”


No two companies are the same, so no two designs should be the same. “Here at Working Spaces, we don’t just design offices. We design working spaces customized to each company’s needs,” explains Burden. “We take an individualized approach to our clients to create a custom space that embraces company culture. For example, in Nashville, there is so much community beaming off this city and everyone has a shared mindset of wanting to get back to working together. We have companies requesting designs with backdrop walls so teams can take photos together or collaborative spaces that show they’re not only engaged with the company but with each other.” Whatever sets your company apart, Working Spaces wants to help that element shine through while inspiring productivity, creativity, and connectivity.


As an emerging tech hub, it’s no surprise that innovative and tech-forward designs are being implemented in offices throughout the city. “There have always been ways to be tech-forward, but it’s more prevalent now than ever before,” explains Burden. “We have the tools to make life easier and Nashville is so tech-forward in this way that many people here want to utilize these resources, whereas other cities may not be as accepting of the change.” Innovative designs such as tech rails, standing desks, flexible monitor arms, mobile work pods, and tech-forward features such as digital binders and virtual walkthroughs are just a few ways that Working Spaces promotes innovation to create an efficient space without compromising aesthetics.

Grow Alongside the Community with Working Spaces

When it comes to whether companies should grow alongside their developing city, Burden explains why she believes it to be necessary, “I think that many companies who choose not to grow with the city will fall behind. Employees want to work for a company that is up-to-date and designed with intention. At the same time, the clients these companies are seeking want to work with a company that is open to growth.” She continues, “People are moving to Nashville every day with modern, new and invigorated mindsets. It’s only a matter of time before this growth is seen in more cities throughout the country, so companies need to be ready to adapt, whether that means upgrading to new technology or redesigning the workspace to better meet the demands of employees and clients.”

If you’re ready to take your office to the next level, we’re here to help. Grow alongside your community and design a working space that works for you. Contact us today to get started.