The Evolving Role of Technology in Office Interior Design

The Evolving Role of Technology in Office Interior Design

The unprecedented technological advancements of the last couple decades have completely revolutionized every aspect of modern business, from the way companies interact with markets, suppliers and consumers, to the information they can collect to implement positive changes in working environments and customer experiences. Today, organizations can incorporate a variety of technologies into their planning processes to assure streamlined integration of current models with expansions in the future, tools that those in the field of corporate design are also eager to employ. How will commercial design technology impact the co-creation of spaces in the future?

Visual Design is a Powerful First Impression

Studies show that 94% of first impressions are design-related, and prospective partners that are able to offer digital portfolios can quickly convey their aesthetic accomplishments to inspire excitement and commitment in clients they’re courting.  For business owners, obvious clashes in design desires and capacities can easily be rooted out to make way for the perfect project coordinators.

Time is the Most Expensive Investment

As any savvy business person knows, time is their most limited asset and their most expensive investment when it comes to returns. When it’s time to evolve the brand, reimagine brick and mortar establishments, or reinforce productive working environments, smart business owners enlist the support of proven corporate designers to help them realize their visions for the future. Technologies that enable digital mock-ups save time by establishing baseline conceptualizations to get projects off the ground, allow for real-time design changes that get every player on the same field, and help eliminate excessive exchanges about basic design elements.

The Small World of Global Supply

Before the incorporation of global connectedness with digital shopping, retail purchases like furniture and construction elements like building materials were only available through catalogs or regional warehouses with industry-wide marketing efforts. Today, designers are able to explore every available option on a global level, with real-time access to inventories and updates on supply challenges that help them maintain timelines and budgets. If changes are necessary, the tech and programming exist to create visual mock-ups that can get fast approvals for fewer delays and a reduction in costs.

Progress and Perfection

Video programming has evolved in leaps and bounds over the last couple years, as anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop can easily connect their cameras for real-time recording and visual interactions. This advancement is an excellent tool for design professionals to keep clients and investors involved and up-to-date on the progression of a project, which instills a sense of confidence and excitement as planning and development efforts finally come to fruition.

Let Working Spaces Work for Your Space

Working Spaces not only incorporates emerging technologies into their commercial designs to keep clients at the forefront of modern business practices and conveniences, but employs them on a daily basis to ensure world-class client experiences and industry-defining designs. When seeking a proven partner for your company’s evolution, there’s no better solution than the team at Working Spaces. Explore our portfolio today and call to begin your own corporate transformation.