When you think of furnishing a senior care living facility, a large-scale call center, or a university, it’s impossible to think they each deserve the same approach.

That’s because it’s true. Each space, each bedroom, each desk, each classroom—serves a unique function, for a unique need, for a unique group of individuals.

That’s why at Working Spaces, we’ve learned over the last twenty years that a personalized, dedicated, team-approach is needed with every project we encounter. Large or small. We’ve found that our guiding principles of communication, embracing technology, and understanding culture has allowed us to achieve our best work.

As an office furniture dealer and designer serving six markets including St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia, Denver, Nashville, and Orlando, we reflect on these principles that guide our mission.

Outcommunicate/ Overcommunicate

Nobody likes having to chase down an answer, especially if you’re the client. And as a professional providing a service, you never want to hear the question, “So what’s going on?”

Outcommunicating and overcommunication is essential to our process. It’s our way of ensuring our clients feel valued and are informed at every step of the process, and it helps to build trust. We want every interaction to demonstrate our attention and commitment to their needs; to keep our client engaged at every step along the way.

This is a large part of our mandate to provide a world-class customer experience, and to ensure that all our business dealings grow into long-lasting partnerships.

Commercial Furniture Solutions for a Changing World

As we can see with pandemic, war, cultural shifts, and changes to the global economy—so do the needs of the spaces we design and the individuals we serve.

Many of the changes we’ve seen in our industry reflect an altruistic goal: to create spaces that are healthy, sanitzable, durable, and easily maintained. To design corporate spaces with amenities that support the physical, mental, and emotional health of the employee.

Innovations in material design and an emphasis on company culture will also continue to evolve. With the workforce having more control over the kind of work environment they want, corporations need to provide value and benefits to their workers on-site.

Providing a healthy, safe, and engaging office environment is key. We believe employers should outcommunicate and overcommunicate these concepts at every step too, because it will foster feelings of being valued and heard.

To learn more about corporate office design and furniture, contact the team at Working Spaces today.