Designing the optimum office space can be difficult, but the fruits of this effort will pay off for years in the future.

At Working Spaces, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations take their workplace design to the next level, balancing their operational needs, aspirational culture, and budget to deliver engaging and inspiring work environments.

Let’s explore how functional and effective design elements such as furniture, acoustic features, and other factors can create a productive and efficient workspace in Columbia, Missouri.

It’s Not Just a Chair

Office furniture isn’t a commodity, it’s an investment in the future of your company and your employees.

Ergonomic furniture helps reduce the risk of injury from repetitive movements such as typing or sitting for long periods of time. Durable and high quality products such as office chairs, desks and other ergonomically designed furnishings provide employees with support that promotes good posture and helps prevent strain on their bodies.

Not only does it provide a more comfortable experience for workers, ergonomic furniture also encourages productivity by helping them focus more easily on their tasks.


Another key component for an effective office layout is minimizing acoustic distractions in the workplace.

There are a number of ways to achieve this in the office. Cladding and fabric accents can absorb sound while also giving a unique flair that speaks to your brand.

Another route some organizations take is to designate quiet stations around the office. Soundproofing also helps reduce stress levels by creating a peaceful environment where they can be more productive, allowing them to focus on work.

Thoughtful Placement of Equipment & Resources

Where you put the break room, storage closets, printers, and other features and amenities of your office requires strategy. At Working Spaces, our team considers space, efficiency, and your employees’ workflows to create the best design solution for the most functional layout.

For instance, NextGen Precision Health for the University of Missouri required a unique layout solution based on their company’s needs. Incorporating medical technology within their space was a must, so a collaboration space for experts and clinicians was key.

When considering utility, each company has their own specific needs based on their industry, what their workers do, and how we can maximize the layout of their work environment.

Vertical Storage & Flexible Workstations

Vertical storage is an excellent solution for making use of unused wall space while still keeping items accessible when needed. Moreover, flexible workstations can allow employees to move around freely and have more autonomy on how and where they want to work. The best part is that these storage and workstation options can be custom tailored to your team members—which can create a sense of ownership and increase overall productivity.

Design Your Optimum Office in Columbia with Working Spaces

Working Spaces is a leader in providing world-class office design solutions to organizations of all sizes in Columbia, Missouri. Our passion is to help companies grow and provide the best workplace environments so they and their employees can thrive. With our unmatched dedication to customer service, attentiveness to the details, and years of experience, we can help your company achieve its next level of success.

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