Communication is Key When It comes to a Successful Office Design

Communication is Key When It comes to a Successful Office Design

Technological advancements over the last couple of decades, paired with a deep understanding of the human experience, have dramatically changed how we interact personally and professionally. It is no surprise that the companies most successful at conveying mission and brand elements to their customers understand the necessity of engaging communication, but what may be surprising is that design speaks even louder than words in these cases. Why is office design so essential to business today, and how does Working Spaces ensure a client’s organization walks its talk?

The Message is In the Design

Many companies underestimate the value of corporate culture in supporting the communication of their brands, but according to Denise Lee Yohn, brand consultant and author, “companies that have aligned and integrated these two elements create a powerful engine of competitive advantage and growth.” One of the greatest factors in supporting the development of authentic culture and message is the design of the work environment. Thoughtful and supportive office and furniture design support a team eager to collaborate and promote a product or service they believe in, but getting there can be overwhelming, and that’s where the experienced professionals at Working Spaces come in.

Designing the Best Work Environment

Developing supportive office design is much more involved than selecting stock pieces of office furniture and wall finishes; it’s a complex and multi-faceted process with many elements to consider, monitor, and integrate. The designers at Working Spaces are involved every step of the way. By ensuring that we maintain an open dialogue with our clients, we aim to streamline the design process, mitigate challenges and confusion, and provide a world-class client experience with regular communication points integrated throughout:

The Discovery Process

At Working Spaces, we take the time to immerse ourselves in the cultures our clients wish to support and develop, so we can ensure the commercial furniture elements selected—from the pieces and fabrics to finishes—communicate the messages reflected in their values and mission.

The Design Process

Choosing the office furniture and architectural solutions designed for our client’s success can be overwhelming. That’s why our experienced design professionals can clearly explain every concept and suggestion while also answering questions, integrating our clients’ valuable input and managing the selection and ordering process.

The Installation Process

The delivery and installation of bespoke office furnishings can be a lengthy process and the challenge that most easily tarnishes the excitement of the endeavor is wondering about progress and waiting on updates. With Working Spaces, clients can expect regular communication; within 48 hours, we check in with timeline expectations, adjustments and advancements and connect to make sure any new questions are answered.

The Completed Project

Even after the project is successfully completed, Working Spaces remains dedicated to ensuring an open channel of communication. Every project includes the presentation of a digital binder that consists of all information related to the design, manufacture, and installation of the elements, so in the event of any necessary maintenance, moves, or changes, our clients have everything required to communicate and facilitate their needs.

Working Spaces Knows Communication

Working Spaces breaks the mold when it comes to collaborative design and a world-class customer experience. We’re so phenomenal at implementing communications elements into our designs because it’s not just a concept to us; at Working Spaces, staying connected with our clients is a tenet of the way we do business and support their visions and investments. With a strict 48-hour communication rule, we are dedicated to providing timely transparency and confidence through the entire project from discovery to completion. If it’s time to talk about a brighter future, Working Spaces is listening. Arrange an appointment today!