8 Powerful Habits of Highly Productive People

8 powerful habits of highly productive people

Our minds thrive on recognizing and working with patterns, and with the myriad changes of the last couple years, disruptions in our personal and work habits have made it increasingly difficult to mitigate the daily distractions that fry our focus. Thankfully, there are a number of employable methods that can realign our brains with better function. What are some simple habits for increasing your productivity at work?

Morning Routine

Surprisingly, the most important habits for cultivating work productivity might having nothing to do with the office. Supportive routines will help regulate our natural circadian rhythms, whose proper function is linked to mental and physical health. Put your best foot forward each morning by eating a warm, nutritious meal, engaging in mindful movement, and making time for personal planning and self-care before work.

Get to Know Your Tendencies

Is it easier to organize and structure projects in the mornings? Is your focus on fire around the lunch hour? Does your mind wander in the afternoons? With a little observation, you can build your daily workload around your personal flow to increase productivity by best optimizing natural energetic and mental tendencies.

Banish Busyness

Being busy isn’t the same thing as being effective, and your efficiency may be suffering if you’re filling your time with busywork instead of accomplishing necessary tasks. Follow Mark Twain’s advice and “Eat the Frog” by working on your most important or challenging projects first! Also, ask your team for help if needed, and don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to additional assignments if your plate is full.

Monitor Multi-tasking

Over 2,000 years ago, Syrian writer Pubilius Syrus wrote, “To do two things at once is to do neither.” The adage remains true, with countless studies indicating the challenges of multi-tasking, including wasted time and mental exhaustion. Organize a simple list and be more productive by focusing on completing a single task at a time.

Cultivate Creativity

A creative mind is a motivated mind, according to a study of 120 scientists. Flexing our inspired mental muscles can make work more motivating by providing us a sense of agency and freedom in our work and the drive to discover new ways of accomplishing even routine tasks.

Schedule Stops

Gym sessions are peppered with purposeful pauses for recovery, and the same restorative breaks are required for our mental workplace workouts. The sustained focus required for productivity actually increases the brain’s energy consumption from an astounding 20% of our daily expenditure, so scheduling breaks every hour or so will prevent fatigue, and keep you from seeking distractions for mental ease.

Relish Your Rest

It can be tempting to shed the day’s stressors with leftovers and reruns, but with 80% of the workforce in mostly sedentary positions, evening couch time can increase daily inactivity to a whopping 21 hours. Making time for nourishing, movement, mindfulness, and intentional self-care practices can help you feel restored and ready to rock each new day.

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